España 16

A lady in the Plaza Nueva doing some type of hand weaving.
A much more traditional flamenco show, in Granada.
Some random hill with a castle on top. That you can barely see, but it’s still there and pretty cool.
So yeah. This day was our composition, a 3-5 page composition that was about our trip. It was fairly easy to write, because we had done so much on the trip and there was a lot to talk about. I did well, and passed it.
That night, we went to what was a much, much more traditional flamenco show than the one in Madrid. There were about 5-7 dancers, though only one at a time, as well as a singer and a guitarist. At least, we saw a guitarist. I couldn’t hear him over the dancing, so I have no idea if he was actually any good or not.
Yeah, that bit of floor has a special plate on it that’s replaced every now and then so that the dancers don’t wear holes in the floor. From what I understood, this location has these shows as a daily thing.
I didn’t terribly enjoy the show. It hurt my ear, and I couldn’t hear anything else in the place, not even the person next to me. I didn’t hear any music, mostly just rhythm. I like music. I’m a guitarist. I wanna hear the guitarist.
Ah well. A good grade on the essay made it a good day, overall. I am happy when I make good grades.  🙂

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