España 20

Here’s our group at the restaurant for the farewell dinner.
So this is the post about Friday, again a day late. I’m sorry I’m so lazy.
We had our interviews this morning, the last thing for the class. Every single person in the class got an “A” on their interview. The teacher said that this was the first time this had happened to her, and was very happy with us. It also secured me as passing the class, so I was happy as well.
The interviews were really funny. We had to answer questions for about 3 minutes each. We went in in pairs, my partner was Ethan. So he answered questions, in Spanish, for about 3 minutes, and then I did as well. After that, we had a role playing scenario with objectives. Ethan was a flirty girlfriend and I was her jealous boyfriend. We ended up with a compromise: Ethan could still flirt with other guys, but not strangers, and especially not that creepy guy with tattoos. Roberto and Mariangela’s turned out even funnier, but that’s their story, not mine.
The farewell dinner was nice, much much better than the welcome dinner. We went to a nice restaurant, but one that actually served good food. We got the 3 course daily menus this time. I ended up with some soup (can’t remember exactly…), a plate of chicken, and a chocolate cake. It was a good meal.
After the dinner, I went back to the apartment, and read for a while before sleeping. Some of the others stayed out all night, and didn’t get any sleep. I didn’t envy them the next day when we had to… But that’s for the next post.

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