*Hack* *Wheeze*

This is what I sounded like last year, whenever I was outside at ACC. Why? Because of the quantity and quality of second hand smoke. In this case, quality means thickness, and at times, it was quite thick. It makes me feel sick, I really want to throw up when I’m around it for too long. And I don’t even want to think about what it’s doing to my lungs.

This year, I’ve felt much better and healthier while walking around campus. I also smell better. ACC decided to ban smoking on their campuses, and I support and thank them wholeheartedly. I can now breathe easier, and I don’t worry so much about dying from smoke from smokers. (Living in a city with pollution though, can I ever rest easy?)

There are people who are objecting to the ban. For one, they’re saying that people now have nowhere to smoke. This is not true. I see smokers out by the street, just off the edge of campus, every day when I come in. I’m fine with that. When they’re way out there, they aren’t hurting anyone but themselves.

Another objection is that it’s not hurting anyone. That is just plain wrong. According to the American Cancer Society, 3,400 people die from lung cancer caused by second hand smoke alone, every year. That’s not to mention the 46,000 deaths from heart disease. All from second hand smoke, in the United States alone, not to mention the rest of the world. I don’t want to die because someone else wanted to feel good for a little while and wasn’t polite enough to move somewhere away from other people.

Universities are supposed to be a place of learning and safety. I don’t want to have to hurt myself every time I walk out side. I believe that anti smoking laws should be put into effect for all college and university campuses, as ACC has shown that it’s perfectly viable and easy to do.

(Note, this is stolen from my political blog. I’m lazy today.)

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