Also known as school. Mine starts tomorrow.

Now, I don’t know what my actual schedule is going to be yet. Which kind of annoys me.

I’m the kind of person that plans things out, and then has them go according to plan, or else. So I’ve actually been registered and paid for all of my fall classes since before I went to Spain, and I knew which busses and trains to take, etc. I was really happy with that, I love structure and predictability in my life.

So, Friday, I went by school to get a parking permit and a bus pass for the fall. When I get home, I’ve got a nice little email sitting there for me. My Differential Equations class has been canceled due to under-enrollment.

Now, I had not only planned out this fall’s schedule, but my schedule for spring too. I had everything set out so that I could graduate at the end of the spring, spend the summer working (and maybe moving. Eek.) and then go to a four year university in the fall.

Because Differential Equations is a four hour class, I’ve had to switch out 2 three hour classes from the spring to make room for it there, and try to put them in to this semester. This would put me under a hell of a work load for the next two semesters, but it would get the job done, assuming they don’t cancel anything in the spring. If they do… I’m screwed. Royally. 😛

Anyways. When I went Friday afternoon to sign up, I found that registration didn’t open back up until Saturday. So, I stayed up until midnight and tried to register. Come midnight, they put up a notice saying that the server is down for maintenance or some such, and it’ll be up at 9. Wohoo!

So, I went to sleep, and got up in time to register at 9:01. And I’m darn glad, because the class I got in to, I filled the last empty seat. Now, this put me at a total of 16 hours. The limit per semester is 18. I did that last fall, and it was yuck. But the other class I need to take this semester is 3 hours. Which would put me at 19. So I can’t register for it online, I have to fill out a petition for overload and get it approved by the office. And the petition is nowhere online, so I can’t even have it ready to hand in.

I have to go in Monday (tomorrow), after my classes are over (the office isn’t open until 9, and that’s when my first class starts), and hope I can get the petition granted, and then hope that the class hasn’t filled up (It’s at 32/36 right now.) and that I can get in.

If I can’t, I’m in a bad spot.

Wish me luck.

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