First Day of the Fall Semester

Well, it’s done. Day one. Yay? So, I had three classes. Physics, Cal III, and Guitar.

Guitar was a lot of fun, because I’ve been working on some pieces all summer, and I’m now getting to play them for my teacher, and they’re sounding good, and will only sound better once we’ve worked on them in class. As a note, I have the same teacher that I’ve had for several years, and I really like her. She’s really good.

Physics, I’m reserving judgement on. The guy seemed ridiculously scattered and all over the place, we didn’t cover much but the syllabus, and then the definition of science and physics. We then did a lab where, because the teacher didn’t have enough equipment, I ended up in a single lab group of 6 people. Yuck, and I’m not sure how well we actually did on the lab. I’m a bit worried about it.

Calculus was okay. I think I’m going to like my teacher a lot; he has a good sense of humor. We covered the syllabus (yawn), and the first two sections of the class. They were stuff I’ve seen before, and at 8 at night, time of this writing, I’ve already finished the homework for the first section of it. I’m planning to finish the second section tonight, so that I can be really proud of myself. (Yeah, that’s the only reason.)

In other news, I got a government class. The wrong one, but it will fulfill my requirements. I now have a three hour period in the middle of the day where I’m stuck at school, and class as late as 6 on Tues/Thurs. I know, I know. It’s not that bad. But it’s not perfect, so I hate it!!!!!

It was honestly just a lot more stress than it needed to be. I’ll live with it.

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