Wikipedia*. If you’re going to be insultingly wrong, please at least do it with proper spelling. It’s called common courtesy. Thank you.

Although, I wonder if I can exploit this as a loophole?

Okay, you’re clueless. Fine, I’ll talk. I’m taking a government class here at ACC, and my teacher’s syllabus (I ended up in the class after my math class was cancelled at the last minute, AND the section I wanted to get in to filled up before I was able to get approval to overload my number of hours.) said that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE WIKAPEDIA FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENTS. Wikipedia*. And hold off on the caps please. That’s called spamming, and I typically mute people for it.

I’m wondering if I can exploit this loophole; if I’ll be fine, so long as I don’t use any sites called “wikapedia”. Probably not, but it would be worth a try. Except the teacher threatens to give you a 0 if you use it. Yeah. A 0.

I wonder what you’d get if you used the Encyclopedia Britannica? Probably a good grade. Now, let me say a few things. In 2005, (Yes, 2005. 7 years ago.), Wikipedia was almost as accurate as the Britannica, according to a study published in Nature. The Encyclopedia Britannica is a very respected source, so being almost as good should be plenty good enough for teachers.

But that was 7 years ago. There haven’t been any large formalized studies since then, although I would really like to see some. 7 years, with the number of edits and editors that Wikipedia has, it’s guaranteed to have only gotten better. Maybe much so, but we won’t know. Smaller studies have indicated that it is now more accurate than the Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as other online sources of comparable repute.

Wikipedia is not the end all of Encyclopedias. But it’s good, and it’s just as darn accurate as the other sources that you have us use, so you have no right to ban it if you’re totally ignorant about it, and only know the bad rap that you’ve heard from your colleagues. Who are just as ignorant as you are.

Note: I’m not saying to only use Wikipedia. Please don’t. But it’s an awesome place to start looking, get a lot of general information, and perhaps move on to other sites much much quicker than you would with a mere google search.

Also, if you’re going to be ignorant, at least know how to spell what it is you’re insulting, and please don’t spam me with all caps. My mute stick is a little rusty, and I’d love to use it.

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