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So, we were introducing ourselves in class the other day. I made the comment that I’m a Mathematics major, with a possible double major in Computer Science. In response to questions, my GPA is a 3.97, and I’m taking 19 hours this semester. The teacher’s comment? “I always hated kids like that.”

EXCUSE ME? Number one, you’re being very rude. Number two, Um… Excuse me. I work hard. I’m not a genius. I earned every single one of my grades, my test scores, and everything. I’m sorry, but did you just say you hated me because I worked harder in school than you did?

As I said a few days ago, people seem to think that, just because I’m a home schooler, I don’t have any social skills. I replied with a “Thanks…”, and left it at that, despite what I was obviously thinking. The teacher was the one who made the rude comment. I noticed that after that, as everyone else went around and introduced themselves, they were a lot quieter about majors and grades, and all that stuff.

I’m keeping this one short, because it’s basically just a rant. I’ll leave you with a quote I had from a conversation with a friend, a few months back.

Me: Something about being nerds…

Friend: Hey, it’s okay. Nerds will rule the world some day.

Me: We already do. We just haven’t told everybody yet.

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