Hair is awesome. I have way too much of it.

I have hair that’s about 12-15 inches long, and I keep it tied back in a pony tail, pretty much all the time. Yes, I’m a guy. But I like my hair, and it’s staying where it is. I wash and brush it daily, it’s not offensive or harmful to anyone, and there’s no reason not to like it.

But people can still be bullies, and will hate on anything. I used to get called a girl A LOT when I was younger, and people seemed to enjoy pulling on my hair. Jerks.

So, I have a respect for guys with long hair, because I know what they have to go through to have the fashion they want. Kudos if you’re one of those guys.

My Calculus teacher in the spring, Edgar Fisher, had long hair. I instantly liked him. Plus, he was one of the most awesome teachers I’ve ever had. If you are going to ACC, and take a calculus class, he’s an awesome person to take, I highly recommend him.

The day after spring break, first class back, I went in to his office hours, and asked him about a homework problem. There was a guy in the office who looked exactly like him, but with short hair. He said he was Elliot Fisher, Edgar’s twin brother, and was subbing for the day. He answered my questions, and sent me up to class. Several of the other students also came up, after having gone to his office hours. We all started to wonder.

He came up and taught class, and did everything that Edgar did, including shooting baskets in the trash with chalk. But he called role, and called our names, saying he didn’t know anyone, and insisted that he was Elliot the entire time. Right at the end of class, he finally admitted that it was a trick. He was our regular teacher. And he was so happy that he had tricked us for the entire class period, and gotten us to debate it. He’s just awesome like that. Although I liked the long hair better.

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