Writing Resources

There are plenty of articles and whatnot on the web about writing resources; most of them are much more comprehensive than this one. I’m not meaning for this to be a comprehensive survey. I want to tell you guys which resources I’m currently using. I’m not a full time writer. I don’t have time to check out or follow everything there is, so I’ve selected the few that I find to be most helpful.

Writing Excuses. This is a podcast by some totally awesome people. I found it, quite obviously, because Brandon Sanderson is part of it. However, all four regular podcasters are smart, experienced, and published writers. They cover a topic in writing each week, and offer their advice. I like it because they limit it to being 15-20 minutes each week, so each topic is very focused; they try to give all of the important bits of advice during that time. I like that they are such good, experienced writers. They obviously know what they are doing. It is, by far, my favorite resource. After so many seasons (I’ve listened to every episode), I get the majority of the jokes they make, too, and the shows can be downright hilarious at times.

I Should be Writing. Another podcast. This one is of a very different feel than the previous one. Mur Lafferty talks about the life of a writer – things that writers should be aware of. She also answers feedback regularly. She is just a genuinely nice person, and listening to her show is like getting personal pep-talks on demand.

From ISBW, I was recently linked to the Magic Spreadsheet. It has been absolutely amazing. Not only have I written every day for more than a month, I’ve met some amazing people. Writers, as I have come to believe, are some of the nicest people on this planet. I posted a question yesterday about the length of my book, and I’ve already had four of the other spreadsheeters offer to read part of it, and give me comments, including the founder of the sheet. I’m just astounded at how awesome those people are. (I’m also afraid to show them my book; I think it’s in a horrible state right now.)

I also have Orson Scott Card’s How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. It has offered me some very useful tips. I’m planning to get more books in that vein to read in the future. Right now, I simply don’t have the time, but I will look in to it.

I have Terry Brooks’ Lessons from a Writing Life: Sometimes the Magic Works, and Stephen King’s On Writing. Neither of these are comprehensive books on how to write. But they have offered me something incredibly valuable. They offer a look into the mind and the life of a working writer.

I’ve probably missed some things here, but my brain is shot for now. I hope that you find something that is helpful.

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