Quick Update

I’m still here, and I’m alive. I’m not depressed or anything, just crazy busy. I’m going to give myself permission to take the next 5 weeks off from this blog, so that I can finish out my semester, and not fail any of my classes.

I’m doing awesome in school. I turned in my history book report this weekend, after getting my essay approved the weekend before. That means, unless the teacher has something he wants me to change about the report, that I’m completely done with that class, making the end of the semester that much easier.

Easier? Ha. I have a government test tomorrow, as well as two math tests this weekend. I am scheduled for a total of 9 tests in the last five weeks of classes. And I’m going to get As on all of them, darn it.

I just wanted to let you guys know (I’m not sure why I bother. Nobody actually reads this.) that I am still alive, and will be returning to posting regularly as soon as I can.

Writing and Rice are going well.

Until later, bye all.

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