End of the Month Update

So it’s the end August. (Or maybe it’s the beginning of September, depending on your time zone.) I’ve had a busy last few weeks.

Many things, most of which I expected to happen, have happened.

I moved out of my house and into the dorms. I’m living on campus, and have spent a week here now. My roommate is… Interesting. Not irritating, though, so I don’t really have any problems with him. He’s gone home for the weekend, so I have the room to myself right now.

I like the food here; most of it is simple enough for my tastes, and I have plenty to eat. There’s also ice cream with every meal, which is a bit much, but hey. I’m exercising enough.

I live on the 24th floor, and I’ve been making myself take the stairs every day, up and down, at least once. Right now, I only really feel up to once per day, but I’m going to try to get that up to twice soon. Also, I walk to all of my classes, so that’s pretty good exercise.

I’ve been actually hanging out with some friends, playing ultimate frisbee and stuff like that. That has been a lot of fun, and really good exercise. Maybe more importantly, it has also shown me that I can have fun again. I’ve gone twice now, and intend to keep going whenever I can.

My writing time has suffered, but I expected that. I’m enjoying my classes, and learning a lot. They take precedence over writing,

I’ve still written my minimum easily every day so far, and I don’t see a problem with continuing to do so. Today is a bit of an exception, and I’m sort of giving myself they day off. Instead of writing fiction, I’m writing this blog post and counting that instead. I usually don’t count blog posts.

I finished the rough draft of my July NaNo on Thursday, the 22nd, the day before I moved. 67,498 total words. I really like the ending, but I really need to foreshadow it a little more, and change some other things. (I have a few chapters I think are boring, for example.) Overall, I’m happy with it, though, and think it’s a definite improvement over my first novel back at the beginning of the year.

I then brainstormed and wrote a short story. I was aiming for a piece of about 1,000 words, but I just wrote until it was done, and ended up with 6,104 words. I still feel like it could use explanation and expansion in a few places, and I definitely need to re-read it as a complete story and revise it before I send it out for critiques. I’ll start doing that soon, maybe even as soon as tomorrow.

I’m not sure where I’ll go from here for writing. I actually just got back in from ultimate again, so I’m really tired. Too tired to think about fiction, so I’m writing this blog post instead. I’m also doing it as a celebration. I set goals for myself, and for the month of August, I met those goals, finishing the rough draft of the novel and writing a short story.

Now on to September!

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