Sasquan: Day 2

Day 1 was really cool, but it had nothing on Day 2.

For starters, the most traveling I had to do was a mile-ish walk. My phone still says that I walked about 5 miles yesterday, and I totally believe it, but that was the entire distance I travelled. No plane flights or anything. And I was able to get up at a reasonable time, after going to bed at a reasonable time, and getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

After grabbing a delicious breakfast at the Satellite Diner (where I’m headed to eat again as soon as I finish this post), I arrived at the convention hall a little early, and figured out where most of the rooms are. That place is a long, thin maze, and I know several people got lost at various times. Still, I had a little bit of extra time, and the dealer’s room wasn’t open yet, so I sat around the entrance hall and met up with Alex Ristea. He seems like a cool guy. 🙂

The first panel I attended was on the food of Spokane, a panel during which the panelists recommended various local restaurants, several of which I now intend to try out. The second panel was one on Future Pharma that was a bit of a let-down. It had the potential to be very interesting, but it just never quite made it. Several audience members decided to inject their “expertise”, and… Eh.

The third panel I attended was much, much better. It was a live Ditch Diggers recording with Mur and Matt, accompanied by Kate Elliott, Aliette de Bodard, and several other cool authors and an editor. The panel was hilarious, and the comments made were intelligent. The audience had a lot of really cool people too. For example, I recognized Kameron Hurley in the back.

Ditch Diggers Panel

After that, I took a break for lunch in the con suite, where I met Peter Ahlstrom, Brandon’s personal assistant. So that was cool.

Then was Brandon’s official reading. He read a scene from Stormlight 3 that was awesome. There are no recordings of this online, as Brandon has asked that they not be posted publicly until after his Shadows of Self tour in October. He took about half of the time to do a Q&A session also. There are recordings of that one that will go up online. I’ll post the one I took if nobody else has posted one by the time I get home. I also managed to get myself a copy of the Con Double, Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell/Perfect State, from Peter.

After the panel, I skipped out on my next panel to stand around and talk with Alice and Peter. I got to meet Karen, Peter’s wife, and Emily, Brandon’s wife, as well as several cool fans. Alice and I presented Peter and Brandon with their Sanderson Army shirts, designed by the amazing Nikki. (Alice and I wore our shirts all day yesterday, too, and got several appreciative comments.)

After presenting Brandon with his shirt, which he really liked, he invited us out to have dinner with him and some of his other friends.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Brandon invited me out to dinner.

Give it another minute.

Of course, you don’t have to be psychic to know what I said. Of course I said yes!

So, uh, I also missed the panel after that, because I was kind of wandering around in a daze. I did make it to the dealer’s room, where I grabbed the Wes Chu books I didn’t already have, and found the library edition of Firefight, which I also did not have. That makes 2 more Sanderson books in my collection. 93 down, 127 to go (Yes, I’m counting.).

YA Panel.

I did make it to Sanderson’s second panel. The topic was the various subgenres of YA. It was moderately interesting, but, as a friend on Twitter observed, it was made up of SF authors who happen to write YA. This con does not bring in YA authors, which is a little unfortunate. Still, it was a pretty cool panel. Also, Peter was wearing his Sanderson Army shirt, which was totally awesome. (I think Nikki hates me now. I don’t blame her.)

Peter wearing his Sanderson Army shirt.

After relaxing for a bit in my room, I went to dinner. I managed to behave myself, I think (I hope), and not pester Sanderson as a fan. Also in attendance were several beta readers and Dan Wells, and it was honestly the coolest thing that has even happened to me.


I’m not exaggerating about that. That was the coolest, most awesome thing that has ever happened to me. Yesterday, August 20, 2015, was the best day of my life (So far, but good luck topping that one.).

After that, I was mentally and physically completely exhausted, so I came back to my hotel room and crashed. Now I’m up for day 3, and off to grab some breakfast before another series of amazing panels.

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