Sasquan: Day 5

The last day of WorldCon was a bit of a wind-down day. The Hugos were over, the big events had finished up, people had started departing already, and the majority of the others were planning to leave before the day was done. In general terms, it was the tail-end of the convention.

In the morning, I had to get up and check out of my hotel, which involved packing on my own. Because I had bought a number of books from the dealer’s room, I had to mail a box of books back home—which I am anxiously awaiting—which was yet another new experience. Thankfully, check-out went without a hitch, and I was able to bag check my suitcase at the con so that I did not have to haul it around the rest of the day.

The box of books. Exciting stuff inside!

After checking my bag, I attended a Kaffe Klatche hosted by Dan Wells, which was great. Not only is Dan humorous and friendly, he’s also very smart. He talked about the books he has out, mental illnesses, and spoke at length—as prompted by our questions—about future plans. Dan’s upcoming novels excite me more than anything he’s written so far, and he’s written some great stuff. The upcoming movie made from his first book sounds fantastic, and I am eagerly anticipating its release.

Unfortunately, because I was attending Dan’s KK, I missed the Kate Elliott signing. I’ve been enjoying her books lately, including on my flights to and from WorldCon, and I was looking forward to meeting her. However, I still enjoy the books, and I expect–and hope–that I will have the chance to meet her at a future con.

I did make it to two panels, The Great Debate, in which Brandon Sanderson as The Lord Ruler debated Patricia Briggs as Asil for the vote of the attending crowd. It was easily the most hilarious panel of the con, and even though Brandon lost the vote, I’m glad that I went. After that was the “writing long series” panel which, while I did not get much new information out of, was still educational and gave me a chance to see some favorite authors.

I had been intending to talk with Peter and Brandon after the last panel, say a last few goodbyes, but apparently Brandon’s flight schedule did not allow it. Since my flight was not scheduled to leave until 9 PM, I sat around the con and ended up meeting up with some friends I had met during the week who were also going to be on the same flight as me. I am thankful that I did because, after we went out to dinner and made our way to the airport, our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues, and we had to go across and spend the “night” in the local hotel. I got about 3 hours of sleep, and our morning flight left at 5 AM. It was nice to have friends through the ordeal, especially as it was my first time traveling without a group.

I made the 5 AM flight, and I’m finally home, resting up in the 2 days I have before the school semester begins. It’s going to be exciting. I’m going to do a general recap post of WorldCon in a few days, but my general impression of the con is incredibly positive. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I’m already trying to plan out which con I can attend next year to meet even more of my favorite authors. Right now, WorldCon 2016 is much closer to home than this year, and they have Tamora Pierce as their Guest of Honor, so I would be delighted to attend that one again, though I will try to consider my other options as well to find the most exciting con I can attend (over the summer, while school is out.). If you have recommendations, please let me know!

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