Where I Have Been

Hint: Not blogging.

So I’ve had a busy, if not terribly eventful, year this year. I’ve had stuff going on, and I’ve not spent as much time as I would like on the blog. I’m finally going to start getting back into it, but first, I think I owe an explanation of some of what’s been up with me.

1. I haven’t been reading much.

This is is pretty self-explanatory. I had a long-lasting reading slump this year, and I haven’t read more than a dozen books, at most, since the last time I posted. Given that I sometimes read that many in a month, that’s a depressingly small number, and it also doesn’t give me much to talk about. Some of that reading was rereading, some of it was alpha/beta reading, so only a little bit was books I could blog about. I’m hoping to change that soon, but for the past while, yeah. Not a lot of books read.

2. Work and School.

I’ve had my last 3 semesters of school to finish up. I was also also working full days MWF, so my evenings and weekends were largely taken up by the HW. I just haven’t had as much time lately for reading or writing, and when I do have time, I’m often exhausted and simply don’t have the energy to do what I need to. Thankfully, I gradumagated last week, so I’ll have evenings free now, at least. (Free, haha. Like I don’t have other projects to work on.)

3. I have friends now.

Two of them, yeah, but they’re good peoples. I spend a good bit of my free time with one or both of them, and am actually being slightly social for the first time in my adult life. It also sucks away at my time and extra energy. I’m happy to have them, and they’re awesome, but it certainly cuts down on other things I can do.

4. Depression.

It sucks. It’s been kicking my butt this year. I’ve recently started working out, and it seems to be helping considerably, though I still have plenty of bad days. There’s not much else to say about this.

I’m going to get back into blogging now, though. I have several reasons for this. Some of my reasons for not blogging are going away, and I miss writing for the blog. I’ve been to several conventions and other events recently that have me excited to blog again, and also read more books, hopefully, and I have plenty of things I want to talk about. Some of them I think will be pretty exciting. Also, I have some big news for the blog going forward (besides the fact that I’ve moved and am now at mentalmegalodon.com and not mentalmegalodon.wordpress.com, and there’s been a site redesign), and I’ll be talking about that news as well as my plans for posts that will be coming up.

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