I Have a Problem

I have a problem. A Brandon Sanderson Problem.

You see, Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author. I enjoy reading the books and stories that he writes more than those of any other author—though that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy anyone else’s books. I enjoy lots of books by quite a variety of authors. Brandon Sanderson just happens to be my favorite.

Around a year ago, maybe a little less, I looked at my TBR pile. I have something on the order of 600 books that I own and have not yet read—and I want to read all of them. I decided that I would, with only a few exceptions, stop buying books I had not yet read until I got my pile down to a reasonable size, which is probably going to take several years, as I seem to find too many exceptions. I make exceptions for books I know I’m going to read soon/authors I’m intending to see at events soon, as well as for really cheap/on sale books that I know I’m going to read at some point. But I’m trying to dedicate the rest of my book budget to collecting. I’ve been grabbing extra copies of books from some of my favorite authors for a while now, and as you might expect, Sanderson is at the top of that list. That has lead to… This.


I REALLY have a Brandon Sanderson Problem.

You see, I’m trying to collect all of the editions of all of his books, and there’s just so many of them, I’m having trouble keeping up. I worry that my shrine will never be complete. This page serves, in part, to be as complete of a list of the books I have and more importantly don’t have, and as a plea that, if you have some of the books I need, especially the ones I’ve marked specially as especially needed, and you’re willing to part with them, talk to me, and maybe we can work out a trade or purchase of some sort. I have left out e-books not because I don’t like them, but because I have basically all of them, and I’m working on my physical collection–plus, I can’t exactly trade for those like I can physical books. If a physical book contains one or more stories, I have included it under all relevant stories. My collection is pretty much all English language versions of the books, with the exception of the Brazillian Mistborn books, because of Marc Simonetti’s AMAZING cover art, shown here:


(If you have these or know how to get a hold of them, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’ve managed to track them through the Brazillian Amazon, but they won’t ship to me, and the only copy of the only one I could find that would ship was like $60 for only 1 book, or something.)

Key: Book titles which are links are links to my reviews of those books. For each title, I have listed editions, and whether or not I have them. If you have/know where to find a reasonably priced copy of any book marked “Expensive.”, please let me know. If you know where to find a copy of anything marked “Cannot Find.”, please let me know. If you know where to find a copy of anything marked “Will Trade Soul.” I am at your mercy. If there are editions (in English) that I do not have listed, please let me know.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Problem

  1. greg

    I collect his 1st printing HC and Arc’s myself. Cant read the Dark Red color well but I own Arc’s of Elantris, Well of Ascension, Alloy of Law, The first 3 Alcatraz , and Legion. Steelheart has a UK Arc as well. Would like to see a Link for UK HC Elantris and Mistborn 1-3 as I would be all over them. Only major I am missing right now is an Arc of Mistborn 1 and Alcatraz 4. Not sure if Emperor’s Soul or Legion 2 have them.

    Great List BTW! Are you aware that if you send books to Brandon he will sign them?

    1. Well, you’ve definitely got me outclassed. List updated accordingly. Where do you find all these ARCs? The only cosmere ARC I’ve actually ever seen for sale was Hero of Ages, and that was after a months of searching, and the only non-cosmere I’ve seen are the Reckoners books. (Also, changed the color to blue so hopefully it’s a little easier on the eyes.)

      You seem to be right about that. Spent an hour scouring around it it doesn’t appear that they actually make UK HC for Elantris and Mistborn 1-3. I was just assuming based on the fact that I’d seen the HCs for the others and the PBs for those…

      Yeah, Brandon’s a really cool guy like that. Shipping for me would be ridiculous, though, and I figure he’s not going to die anytime soon, so I’ll catch him when he comes around here again. (I live in Austin. May try to make it to Houston if he doesn’t stop by Austin on his next tours.)

  2. My best friend has hardcover first print, first editions of both Elantris and the Emperor’s Soul. They’re like his babies. He’s so proud that he has them especially with how hard it is to get first editions of both of those books.

    1. NICE! I’m not being picky about printings right now, as I’m just trying to expand my collection and get most of the editions this year. Once I have most of the ones that can be purchased cheaply, I’ll start working on getting better editions of some of them. Your friend is right to treasure those books.

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