Thank You, Brandon Sanderson

Today is the official 10th anniversary of the publication of Brandon Sanderson’s first novel, Elantris. Brandon is my favorite author, and I’ve written a short post about why, and phrased it as a thank-you note for Brandon. Here it is:

Thank you, Brandon Sanderson.

Thank you for writing such brilliant, mind-bending twisty endings that always make me gasp. Thank you for such well-defined magic systems that make me feel as if I could almost use them myself and always get my imagination going at full speed.

Thank you for writing such beautiful books, and ensuring that they are in such beautiful packages. Thank you for fighting for the cover art that the books deserve until they have it, and never compromising on this quality.

Thank you for writing so quickly that I’m always anticipating the next four novels you have out within a year, and even though you have a ridiculous number of simultaneous series going, I’m never waiting too long for the next installment.

Thank you for making your writing knowledge available to aspiring writers like me, through your podcasts and classes. Thank you for telling me, every week, that I’m out of excuses and I should go write.

Thank you for caring about me and the rest of your fans. Thank you for taking the time to sign all of our books, even when we have dozens of them, and to answer all of our questions, even if half of them are RAFOs. Thank you for not forgetting that you were a fan once, and knowing who we are and how to treat us right.

Thank you for helping me complete my collection with your generosity, even when it went way beyond what I expected of you.

Thank you for making my laugh with the Alcatraz series when nothing else could make me smile.

Thank you for writing such a massive variety of characters, not only physically, but also mentally. Thank you for writing so many odd little characters with mental disabilities that I can connect with.

Thank you for finishing my favorite series of all time, and finishing it right.

Thank you for 10 amazing years of books, and here’s to many, many more.

Thank you, Brandon Sanderson.